Climate Change and Emissions in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Emissions Trading

These are included together just because there is currently a department by that name. It should be eliminated for an annual savings of one million dollars.

We can contribute to climate change by improving building code so that we use less heat and reduce the need for the oil fired Holyrood generator. These simple building code improvements (more insulation, maximums on the heating required, etc.) do not need an independent department. Worring about efficiency when there are hundreds of public buildings in the province that don't have any insulation under the floors is like worrying about which brand of low flow shower head to buy while ignoring a garden hose that has been running 24 hours a day for 30 years.

Emissions Trading is an immoral farce and shouldn't exist.

Climate Change Budget

Currently, this department operates, a site consisting mostly of trivia and occasionally misleading information gathered from other sources. What is the point of telling people "It is recommended that you have a knowledgeable professional install windows and doors" when the vast majority of brand new homes have improperly installed windows because it is cheaper to drive a few nails and spread some plastic tape and no inspector or building regulation is going to stop you.

The following should be done instead using existing departments:

An entire governmental department for attending meetings and conferences, travel and propaganda to discuss our "responsibilities" is a waste of time and money. It is far better just to quietly do it. In the process of ensuring that Newfoundlanders have new homes that are inexpensive to heat and that the heating of public infrastructure isn't a gross waste of tax, we not only move towards sustainability, but do more than our fair share towards environmental protection.

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