Appliance Savings Calculator

This savings calculator allows you to answer the question "What is a new appliance worth to me?". It factors in the time value of money, tells you what you should pay for the appliance and calculates your real rate of return. If you don't know how much power your appliances consume, use the links to search our database. The database has several thousand entries from ENERGYSTAR® (American), EnerGuide (Canadian), Office of Energy Efficiency (Canadian). If you can't find your model, there are also some generic listings which give you the average annual consumption for appliances made in a particular year.

New Appliance
Annual power needs in kWh:
Expected life in years:
Price of new appliance:
Annual maintenance:

Old Appliance
Annual power needs in kWh:
Resale value of old appliance :
Annual maintenance:
Power cost per kWh:
Annual interest rate: