Libya – Mercenaries killing people with anti-aircraft rounds and terrorizing hospitals.

Libya – Mercenaries killing people in Benghazi Libya with anti-aircraft rounds, terrorizing hospitals, killing doctors and people on the streets.

The audio recording link below was recorded approximately Feb 19, 2011. The original recording has an English translation and I have made a transcript from that so that Google can index it and future researchers studying war crimes can find it. If you know the proper place names, please correct the army division, hospital and street name — I don’t speak the language — sorry.

I have also archived a copy here: Libya war crimes.

The number of people injured and killed is about 900. As for the army division called sp?Alfadeel from five o’clock up until 10 minutes ago young people were throwing hand bombs at the army. And the army division is made up of three groups. And there are cars spread in the region and every car carries 4 people. And those people are armed with hand guns. And they are going through the roads and shooting young people. And they are still here. As for Tripoli, I called Tripoli and I have been told that there is an airplane coming to Benghazi full of the African mercenaries.

Today I was in hospitals. And I stopped by Jalaa hospital and I also stopped by a clinic on sp?sheen street and I passed by 1200 beds. I also went to sp? Al Hala hospital and they are full. The number of people who are either injured or killed total is totaling 900 and the majority of them are in critical condition because the few that are not being hit by regular bullets are hit by bullets normally used for shooting airplanes. And they are using that against the protestors. And they are still shooting right now. And I am hearing the sound of bullets normally used to bring down airplanes again.

Those people in the military division are a mix of soldiers and mercenaries. And the same goes for the county courthouse. And young people, they are not willing to stop because they know if they stop that will be the end of them in Benghazi. They are still in the streets waiting in different places.

And also there is a shortage in the blood supply in particular in O-negative. There is also another thing. The special forces of sp?Monmoth they are attacking hospitals and executing doctors there in an effort to prevent them from taking care of the injured. And I can see some of the doctors lying on the ground. They have now taken control of the hospitals here.

ENGLISH LPC #Benghazi man: “Protesters being shot w/bullets used for shooting down
airplanes.” #Libya #Feb17


Now for something really horrible — reading the above doesn’t quite have the same impact as seeing what heavy artillery does to people. From @LybianThinker “they have been using anti aircraft, anti-tank and heavy artillery on civilians for 2 days now.”

@WyldDarkHeart The Head of Libya Doctors association talked about total destruction of the bodies in a way he had never seen before Also: @leila_na. For those asking me about “weapons not used against human beings before” statement, it was the Head of Libyan Doctors Assoc. on Al-Jazeera

War crimes in Libya

War crimes in Libya

War crimes in Libya

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