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McAfee SiteAdvisor Doesn’t Catch most Frauds

In the process of writing up scams at under “Things not to do”, I found that bogus products are promoted via hundreds of creative sites and variations. Then I decided to have a look at SiteAdvisor to see what … Continue reading

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Unless you live in the ‘snow’ belt, 4WD is the most unnecessary and costliest feature ever offered to the car-buying public

4WD vehicles cost more in every way: a. More to maintain b. Uses 10 to 20 percent more fuel; assuming that the 4WD version gets an average 17mpg and the 2WD version gets 21mpg, over 1,100 gallons of fuel would … Continue reading

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Earth4Energy – The Saturation Marketing Fraud Scam is polluting the net

This disease is really getting out of control. Earth4Energy now gets 222,000 hits on Google (October 24, 2008), and it is all a fraud. There are even thousands of fake negatives, like “Don’t buy Earth4Energy” and “Earth4Energy Sucks” that lead … Continue reading

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Deceptive and Overpriced Space Heaters

There are a number of companies selling electric heaters that imply that you will save a great deal of money, some even claim you will cut your costs by 50%. This is extremely misleading, but not a fraud. It is … Continue reading

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