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How to Get Rid of Spam

In general, when you give out e-mail addresses and you absolutely do not want to get spammed, you should use a free service like SpamGourmet. For example, if you were to go to and create an account called Lisa, … Continue reading

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Is Abestos Good?

Asbestos is a great insulator. It is cheap. It occurs naturally and is abundant. Problems arose because mining and manufacturing workers were not protected until recently by occupational and safety regulations and were subjected to enormous quantities of breathable fibers … Continue reading

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Carbon Emmission Regulations are Insane

Carbon dioxide is a modern day boogie man. However, consider the following: The CO2 in fossil fuels used to be in the atmosphere. Humans will burn all the readily available fossil fuels in the next few generations. There is no … Continue reading

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Lightbulbs are Just Heaters that Give off Free Light

I am often amazed how many people take recommendations at face value, and don’t bother with the math. I like to question everything — wrong until proven right. Even wonder what kind of money you’d save by replacing a light … Continue reading

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Are Compact Fluorescent Bulbs a Waste of Money in Seldom used Fixtures?

Have you heard all those consumer sites stating that replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents can save you a bundle ? I have a closet with an enclosed light fixture that has a regular 60W bulb. I turn it … Continue reading

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